Film Production House in Bengaluru

We loved listening to stories in our childhood.

We still do.

SOULd Out Films Film Production House in Bengaluru

Film Production House in Bengaluru

Welcome to SOULd OUT Films

Where storytelling, technology and creativity blend

Before we make your film, we understand why you need it.
A quick glimpse of our journey so far

Film Production House in Bengaluru

Our Work

Our films are pure heart and soul

Our Process

We figure out what you are trying to achieve/address/solve and get into the research mode

We start from the drawing board - literally. We think, we ideate, we storyboard.
We figure out what is the most compelling way to put your story across.

Pre Production

We learn, question, conceptualize and find the story we’re both after. With your concept in place, we sketch up a storyboard that spells out your story and brings it alive, frame-by-frame.

Here’s where we spend time on script development, location scouting, recce and securing crew.


Here’s where everything happens at once.

Post Production

We’re focused on both the quality and overall experience of each and every production.

Here’s where we edit the film to make your story better.

Our Team

Here is where we become part of your team

Neelam Singh

Director, Writer, Yoga Enthusiast

Neelam has a background in technical writing, content writing and copywriting. Having worked with IT majors like Oracle, Sallie Mae and Replicon, she has also written monthly columns for Indian Express.
Raised in Mysore, she relishes dosas, filter coffee and loves listening to soulful Sufi music. After exploring multiple passions, she got sold with the world of filmmaking.

Vishnu Reddy

Editor, Camera Enthusiast, Music Lover

Vishnu has a background in editing and loves exploring new techniques and technology, to improvise. His love for films drives him to explore the camera and watch world movies. He loves wildlife/nature and has visited almost all the forests in India. He is musically inclined and spends his time listening to world music. He relishes home-made chai and loves meeting people from different countries and exploring their culture.

Shilpa Murthy

Photographer, Designer, Coffee Lover

Shilpa is a true blue Bangalorean who relishes her filter coffee while pondering over photography, design and medicine.
Her love for photography started while studying architecture. Architectural and street photography are her favourite themes, her favourite gear still being the Nikon FM10, film camera.
After working over a decade as an Architect and successfully running her own stint, she is now into digital product design.


We love to teach what we have learnt along the way

Besides making films, we also conduct workshops for corporates, schools and colleges.

Filmmaking for Kids


Storyboard Techniques

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Film Production House in Bengaluru

Film Production House in Bengaluru

Film Production House in Bengaluru SOULd OUT Films